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Pesticides and other harmful chemicals all play a role in sperm count reduction. But it comes at no surprise that if you want to increase your sperm count you have to ditch the cigarettes. Learn More: Smokings Effect on Sperm Count Many common medications can lower your sperm count.

These chemicals wreak havoc on our endocrine systems, and put our swimmers at risk. When trying to boost sperm counts, make sure you Google search “any medications you are taking sperm count.” This will quickly tell you if these medications are some of the many that interfere with sperm counts. Get a handle on your stress patterns and possibly look into meditation. Learn More:9 Ways to De-Stress A Beginners Guide to Meditation A hot laptop on your lap is a recipe for sperm loss. Use a pillow or buy a lap desk and ensure your boys are nice and cool, like you.

So basically, just watch out for chemicals in general. This is surprising to me as this herb comes out of mother earth. Learn More: Marijuana Smoking Damages Sperm Okay, the marijuana one was a surprise to me as well.V or more a week actually had half the sperm of men who didn’t watch T. Learn More:20 Hours of TV a Week May Half Men’s Sperm Counts The fact is, cell phones emit radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves.Having this go on in you pocket, which is RIGHT next to your balls, is a horrible combination.They make you feel silky smooth, but they are destroying your sperm count.You can increase your sperm count simply by switching to organic products that are phthalate free.

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These cans have been coated with the resin since the 1960’s.

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