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Abdelaziz Aouragh runs an online sex shop for Muslims.“We don’t sell products that simply enhance the love life between man and woman,” he explains.And to even begin such discussions, what is needed is a healthy dose of facing up to the fact that how Muslims live their lives is not necessarily the same as the Islamic ideals they aspire to.A famous Islamic traditional teaching about sexual pleasure says that when God created desire, He made it into ten parts. So it’s no wonder women are leaving men behind when it comes to trying to better understand their sexuality, as well as the relationship between their sexuality and their faith.In one famous tale, a woman came to see him on her wedding night, to complain her husband was too busy praying and hadn't come near her.The Prophet went to see the husband, admonished him for being too engrossed in religious prayer and instructed him to, erm, pay more attention to his bride. Whilst engaged, my now husband and I attended a ‘pre-marriage’ seminar, one of the first of its kind in the UK. It wasn’t very good, but nonetheless, I was pleased that the subject was raised and the taboo broken.For those Muslims who want to live a chaste life, the pressures are immense. For teen Muslims, these challenges must be particularly difficult.If contextually appropriate teachings are not available – whether at home, in the mosque or in other social settings – then the taboos about sexuality become entrenched, lead to diminished knowledge, and pleasure or even negativity about sex. ) Muslim turn to for sexual teachings that they feel are in line with an Islamic perspective.

Amongst the narratives there were those that were sexually explicit and spoke about sex both inside and outside marriage.

The proposal angered Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan, the first and last men to walk on the moon.

A Muslim "peace march" against terrorism has been held in the German city of Cologne.

This openness has been lost over time, and discussions about sex have become taboo. Wedad Lootah is a UAE marriage counsellor who published an Arabic sex guide, Top Secret: Sexual Guidance for Married Couples, on how to achieve sexual intimacy with your partner, stating couples needed the advice. Jenny is an Irish Muslim organising a similar two part seminar for young women only, the first on marriage, the second on intimacy.

“The girls don’t know what should be happening in their intimate lives,” she explains.

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Courses like the one being run by Jenny are few and far between.

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