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Free german jewish dating site in germany

- These phrases denote a rotten or decadent culture, which the German people of the 1920s and 1930s perceived as emanating from prominent Jews in the media, arts, film, theatre, and the sex and drugs trade.

The phrase “Verdorbene Kultur” was cited in July 2007 by Horst Mahler, a leading German revisionist historian, when saying that Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” should no longer be banned in Germany since it provided well-founded definitions of what constituted a Zionist-enslaved culture in moral decline.

This constitution reflected the predominantly rural nature of Germany in 1867 and the authoritarian proclivities of Bismarck, who was a member of the suffrage and a secret ballot.

The constituencies established in 18 were never altered to reflect population shifts, and rural areas thus retained a vastly disproportionate share of power as urbanization progressed.

- It is considered by the authorities as “anti-Semitic” to call a Jew a “Jew.” One must always refer to a Jew as a “Jewish person.” The irony is that 95 percent of all Semites living in the world today are Arabs.

The other five percent are Sephardic Jews, who are themselves genetically identical to Palestinians.

The German Jewish community leader, Paul Spiegel, the former President of the ADL-style include hunting down foreigners and burning synagogues?

The Jewish State of Occupied Palestine (Israel) itself is indeed a “Volkgemeinschaft.” However, in Germany, anyone who writes or speaks about the advantages of a “Volksgemeinschaft” for the German people is subject to prosecution under Section 130 and other laws that prohibit speaking favorably of National Socialism, which itself was based upon the promotion of a Volksgemeinschaft.

In Israel, such people who hold to this creed are described as the “Chosen People.” In Germany, they are branded as “Nazis” and face imprisonment of up to five years.

Horst Mahler, who is no stranger to the Federal Republic of Germany’s brutal Gulag system, has just been sentenced to 11 months imprisonment for treating the Jew Michel Friedman with “disrespect.” Friedman, a notoriously arrogant talk show host and a former deputy General Secretary of the ZJD with a criminal record as a cocaine dealer and a suspected key player in the illicit sex trafficking trade, filed suit following an interview with Mahler in the November 2007 German edition of “Vanity Fair.” In September 2007, the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Meisner, ignited a firestorm of controversy when he told his congregation “a culture without God is a decadent culture.” The went ballistic, denouncing the cardinal for using a word frequently cited by the National Socialists in their condemnation of decadent Jewish art, organized prostitution rings, sex trafficking and the drugs trade.

- This phrase denotes a society based upon the principles of a “Leitkultur” that prioritizes the needs of its own citizens.

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An example of the fallout which occurred after using the forbidden word “Leitkultur” was evidenced when Friedrich Merz, a former leading member of the who is believed to have been “suicided” by Mossad in June 2003), an awakening German patriotism by striking a chord in a country where acceptance of “Alleinschuld,” (German guilt for WWII), continually propagated by Germany’s Jews and Zionist-leadership, is on the wane.

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