Dating a married man for three years

Posted by / 28-Nov-2017 13:41

”, and perceives this as being put first (the one thing that women want to feel in a relationship).

By this time, she is more than likely already aware of the fact that he is unhappy in his marriage and the more time she spends with him she makes sure to plea her case as to why he should be with her instead.

Eventually, we ended up playing online cards together every night. I am so heartbroken but I should have seen this coming a long time ago. It's a long lonely road when you can't see him whenever you want, call him when you want, and wonder what he's doing while you're at home alone.

After they meet and exchange conversation, he realizes what he has been missing at home and decides to pursue his happiness with her on the side.I can honestly say that I will NEVER date another married man again. He is going to tell you AND his wife, everything you want to hear.....he can have his cake and eat it too.He will string you along with promises for as long as he can.The man more than likely plays into this often times telling her things such as “I wish I could have met you years ago”.This makes her feel as if the only thing keeping them apart is the ring on his finger.

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