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Cid episode 1064 online dating

The gang meets Penny's dim-witted new guy Zack while performing a laser experiment on the apartment building roof.

Raj and Howard sign up Sheldon for online dating and find him a match: a real girl named Amy Farrah Fowler.

He tells her that he was a perfectly happy geeky, lonely little guy, and you ruined it for me!

He wants to have sex and it's not going to mean a thing.

The guys are up on the apartment roof performing a lunar ranging experiment.

While Raj is using the telescope after he's done watching "The Good Wife" on someone's TV, Leonard thinks Penny would like to be up here to see what they are doing. Zack is afraid that when the laser hits the moon, the laser will blow it up.

Sheldon wakes up and is advised to break out the noise canceling headphones because they are going to get loud.

Leonard wants to go dinner and a movie, and Penny tells him last night was a mistake since she was angry and drunk.

She wants him to forget it, but the whole rodeo thing is kind of implanted on his brain. ) Later, Raj has the proof that aliens walk among us since the dating site matched Sheldon with a woman.

Sheldon is disturbed that he is going to have to put up with the two of them again.

In the morning, Penny tries to sneak out, but disturbs Sheldon.

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