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When I shut down my machine is off for 10 to 12 hours before I restart and I've done the restart by Windows to no avail so that doesn't work.I just don't like checking on these items even if they are from Norton, to many plishing scams out there and one never knows when this can be on.And yes my version is the latest Norton 360 Premier I'm using Windows 10 Pro and I wouldn't want to shut the fast start feature as the system boots in a minute versus the 3 to 5 I had with Win7 Pro.I clicked 'Not Now’ when being asked to trust a site every time.It also happens after I've rebooted (but not by clicking on the box in the Live Update box to reboot).

The one time I did click on the Live Update reboot box (versus selecting a reminder box) I lost internet access for a day so even if this is a Norton reminder I don't like to use it.We like to think that we offer the Best Free Online Dating Site.New characters are introduced and some old ones return.I am so frustrated that I am either going to turn off Norton completely or replace it with a different software if I cannot get this to stop.Hello Charleton Hamby When you first install your Norton product, it has to perform a full system scan.

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