Adult speed dating

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Adult speed dating

Adrian, 79, said his first time speed dating was such a good experience that he decided to try his luck at the library again.

He was one of about 200 people signed up for the Omaha Public Library’s eighth annual speed dating event this weekend, including 80 on Sunday.

The event also shows how the library can be a community space, she said.

Rob Wilson, 60, was coaxed by his daughter to attend Sunday’s event.

Some speed dates, though, have led to fairy-tale endings.

After going on all of his speed dates, Adrian said he expected to find a few matches of his own.

Richard Andrews of Omaha goes on a three-minute date during the Omaha Public Library's annual speed dating event Sunday.

Andrews said finding a "special someone" would be nice, but he also wants to find friends who share his interests.

But once he came, only one woman really caught his eye, and she wasn’t in his age group.

He went on a speed date with her anyway, and left once he accomplished that goal.“I would try it again, if I could lie about my age,” he said with a laugh.

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